Make An Ad for the World’s Historic First Flight

Make An Ad for the World’s Historic First Flight

This tutorial will cover how to create an ad for the Kitty Hawk 1st Flight: the historic event where the Wright Brothers flew the first controlled engine-powered flight!


Join us for flight! by rhall7926

Click this link to begin with the templates we have above: Canva Flyer Template

To begin, you need to sign up to Canva and create a log-in. Select “Education (teacher or student)”. You can sign up to Canva using either Google or your email address.

On the left-hand side, choose “Find Templates”. This will bring out a drop-down menu of different available templates, with many to choose from. Select “Flyers”, which is towards the middle of the list. Find a good template for your ad!

Here is how to load a picture into Canva for the background: You have a few options. The first option is to drag and drop an image from your desktop. The second option is selecting “Uploads” (located on the left-hand side) and click the button that says “Upload your own images”. You can also search within Canva’s image library for an image to include. You can also log into your Facebook account to use photos from your Facebook page.

How to add text: Click on the “Text” option on the left hand. Select a font and click on your ad-in-progress. Your text box will appear. You can also double-click on existing text and it’s text box will appear, allowing you to edit the text. Note: You can change the color of the font by clicking the color square next to the “Bold” button.

Once you are done creating your masterpiece, you can download your file or share it. You’ll find both options on the upper right-hand side. If you choose to download your file, you have a few file formats to choose from such as .PDF and .PNG. As for your sharing options, you can email your ad, share it via social networks (Facebook and Twitter), and you can also link or embed your work.

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