A Program hosted by the Adrienne Arsht Center in Partnership with Code Fever Miami 

Kitty Hawk Interactive Online Learning Lab

More than 25,000 Miami-Dade seventh-grade students were invited to experience the thrill of science and innovation this month at Kitty Hawk, an original, Broadway-style musical produced by the Arsht Center that retells the story of the Wright brothers and the invention of human flight. Ensuring accessibility for all, every student was invited to the theater at no charge and offered free transportation by the Arsht Center. This captivating musical is the most significant expansion since 2010 of the Arsht Center’s Learning through the Arts initiative — a County-wide effort to integrate arts into classroom discovery, encouraging creativity and a passion for innovation. Transforming STEM to STEAM by integrating Arts into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, Kitty Hawk extends well beyond the stage and includes a curriculum, workshops and activities that target youth under-represented in STEM career tracks. “Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ partnership with the Arsht Center has already benefitted thousands of students,” said Superintendent of Schools Alberto M. Carvalho. “Because of this partnership, this year, seventh graders will experience learning in a way that is tangible, visible, captivating, and fun. The Arsht Center’s presentation of Kitty Hawk joins performance and instruction to make learning entertaining for students.”

Learning through the Arts

KITTY HAWK – A Musical Adventure Scientific discovery comes alive through the arts in this STEAM-powered program. Kitty Hawk was fueled by the overwhelming success of the Rock Odyssey musical and curriculum that has educated and entertained county’s fifth graders each year since 2009. The Kitty Hawk curriculum includes a classroom guide for seventh-grade teachers that also contains numerous activities in line with the learning standards for students at that grade level. Students are engaged in pre-performance activities, have discussions and debates, while participating in classroom experiences–all revolving around the Wright Brothers’ first flight and their own spirit of innovation. Learning Through the Arts, the Adrienne Arsht Center’s model for integrating the arts into classroom discovery, launched an innovative initiative in the Fall of 2017 for all 27,000 seventh-graders in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
  • The Musical: An original, Broadway-style production commissioned by the Arsht Center brings to the stage one of the greatest stories in American history – Wilbur and Orville Wright’s discovery of human flight. KITTY HAWK is written by Tom Bryant, with music and lyrics by Erik Della Penna.
  • Arts-Integrated Curriculum: A companion classroom guide for teachers aligns with state standards and the KITTY HAWK performance. Developed by curriculum specialists, local scientists and artists, the guide ties elements from the musical into seventh-grade learning strands.
  • Teen TechMaker Workshops: Active learning opportunities for students extend the theater experience into maker sites around the county. Teens discover, create and analyze their own inventions while working with STEAM mentors.
  • Kitty Hawk Lab: Interactive online learning lab.
Transforming STEM to STEAM, the program targets populations under-represented in STEM career tracks. KITTY HAWK addresses barriers to science and math education among young Latino, African-American and female teens in Miami-Dade County Public Schools – the second-largest “minority-majority” school system in the United States – by integrating the ARTS into SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATH learning. We thank the following supporters for helping Kitty Hawk take flight: Betsy and George Sherman, Mary Spencer, Boeing, Alicia Celorio on behalf of Do Unto Others Trust, Peacock Foundation, The Kirk Foundation, Ira D. and Carole F. Hall Family, ATR, SunTrust, The Ansin Foundation, Broadway Across America, AAR, South Florida Aviation Maintenance Council, Key Biscayne Community Foundation, Epson, Coral Gables Community Foundation and Airbus. 
See a brochure with more information about the program here.
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Graphic Design

If you’re interested in learning graphic design then check out design tutorial on the platform Canva. The same platform used by students to do design while in the Kitty Hawk program.


Web Design/Programming

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Game Design (Beginner)

If you’re just starting out and want to learn the basics of coding and game design then check out It’s an online platform that teaches game design and coding through fun exercises and activities. Click the Read More Link Below to Learn More about building games with Tynker.


Game Design(Advanced)

If you’re more advanced with coding and want a real game desing chanllenge then check out It’s an online game development platform that can be used to create some pretty amazing games. Click the link below for more info on

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