Resource Center

Graphic Design

If you’re interested in learning graphic design then check out design tutorial on the platform Canva. The same platform used by students to do design while in the Kitty Hawk program. 


Web Design/Programming

Want to learn how to build your first website and apps? Then hop on over to to start learning the coding languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript used by junior coders just like you to build websites, apps, and games. Click below to sign up for Codecademy for free and start learning how to code today!


Game Design (Beginner)

If you’re just starting out and want to learn the basics of coding and game design then check out It’s an online platform that teaches game design and coding through fun exercises and activities. Click the Read More Link Below to Learn More about building games with Tynker. 


Game Design(Advanced)

If you’re more advanced with coding and want a real game desing chanllenge then check out It’s an online game development platform that can be used to create some pretty amazing games. Click the link below for more info on

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